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World Union University Statement


World Union University is an international cooperation organization registered in California, USA. In 2019, it will jointly run an EMBA major with Lincoln University in Malaysia. Due to the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, no formal enrollment has been made.

Beyond Meat supplier invested in a Chinese plant-based meat startup - Hey Maet

Hey Maet

According to 36Kr, Hey Maet, the new force in plant-based meat in China, has recently announced its strategic cooperation with Shuangta Food [SHE:002481], and investment from Shenzhen Tiantu Capital and Silicon Valley investor Wei Guo. Hey Maet aspires to become the top brand of plant-based meat in China, providing consumers with the most delectable plant-based meat products such as hamburger patt

CYCJET UV Laser Mask Marking Machine Provides a Solution for Mask Export Marking

As the epidemic continues to spread abroad, the export business of masks has become more popular. However, the management of masks exported overseas is stricter. Traditional inkjet printing is easy to damage and blur. Nowadays, manufacturers can use UV laser marking machine to print the logo, parameters, and certificates of masks, so that the information is not easy to fall off.

Plant-based yogurt, open up a new blue ocean of Plant-Heat

For a long time, animal protein has been labeled as high-quality protein. However, nowadays many international scientific research institutions have shown that the grade and quality of protein contained in green plants and cereals are superior to animal protein. Nongfu Spring has been deeply involved in the food industry. It has discovered the difference between plant protein and animal protein an

Nongfu Spring Bring fashion and creativity, Scream Energy Drink To New Heights

With the gradual diversification of consumption in recent years, consumers pay more and more attention to health. The rapid growth of functional beverage market has broken the original market pattern and become the "sweet cake" pursued by major manufacturers. In order to break through the fierce competition, They must have enough product functions and tastes that can attract consumers' attention.

Focus on high-quality, Nongfu Spring Advance With Product Strength

In recent years, affected by the global consumption trend of green, health and environmental protection, the domestic market is changing. On the one hand, in the trend of returning to the original, tasteless and colorless bottled water has returned to the mainstream. On the other hand, based on the three demands of consumption upgrading composed of weight management, appearance management and heal

Tea π Fruity Tea Drinking——Nongfu Spring leads a new taste attitude

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to youthful. The research on the health care function of tea will play a greater role in opening China's tea market and meeting people's health needs. Subsequently, under the cooperation strategy——“the Belt and Road Initiatives” ,China as a tea producing country with rich tea culture and long history, it began to excavate tea cult

IC-1101,Super private cloud intelligent ecosystem decentralized trading platform

In recent years, the development of block chain technology is in full swing. Blockchain has been widely used since its birth. It has to be said that it is another milestone in the history of human development. He interprets the new ways in which human relations develop from another perspective. We all know that "trust" between people is the most troublesome problem in cooperation and business oper

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