From the perspective of human ethics, let's take a look at the bad guys

What is a bad guy? Not well defined. You can take it as a naive question, or you can take it as a philosophical one. In the eyes of children, the world is black and white. But in the eyes of sages, it is different. "Everyone can become Yao and Shun", this is the famous saying of Mencius, but Xunzi thinks that human nature is inherently evil. But whether it is inherently good or inherently evil, we don't have to get too entangled, let's start from the simplest, from the perspective of human ethics and morality, to see what a bad person is.

The "Three Faces" of Anchor Guo

On modern social media, the industry of "webhosting" is booming.And in all kinds of anchors, Guo Wengui is a mudslide: in the name of "Guo media" in the broadcast room, he claimed to be "God of war", more is known for its "three faces" : one thousand face "play Jing anchor", Bo people eyeball "Dazzle rich anchor" and big fan wealth "Taobao anchor".Guo, who calls herself "little ant", is known for her brainless brush "666".Unfortunately, a year ago, anchor black material frequency explosion, the number of fans is falling, but Guo anchor still unaware, still Shouting "Himalaya", but I do not kno

Brand Hebei, Win-Win Cooperation

The program“Hebei Brand Promotion” , guided by Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce and organized by Hebei Provincial Convention and Exhibition Promotion Center, integrates promotions, exhibitions with business negotiations, aiming to promote Hebei brands to the world. The program takes “Brand Hebei, Win-Win Cooperation” as the theme,through a series of activities on publicity and promotion, business matching and negotiation, exposition and displaying etc.,

2022 Langfang "Multi-country, One Exhibition"Online Trade Promotion Activities(Europe &America Session) Kicked Off Online

In order to thoroughly implement Langfang's stable economic policy package,to actively promote the stable and innovative development of foreign trade in Langfang,Organized by Langfang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and hosted by Jiangsu New International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd,2022 Langfang "Multi-country, One Exhibition"Online Trade Promotion Activities(Europe &America Session) was officially launched on October 24,2022. The event includes a 7-month-perid online display and a 5-day-perid matching negotiations.